Bill Bachrach

Senior Data Scientist

New York

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  • Bill Bachrach is the Senior Data Scientist in Hodges Ward Elliott’s data team.  He is responsible for finding, exploring and analyzing hard to reach data to give HWE’s clients the benefit of novel analytic insights more traditional CRE brokerages do not pursue.
  • Mr. Bachrach joined Hodges Ward Elliott’s data team in October 2016.  Prior to HWE, Bill was a data scientist at Messina Quantitative Research, a market research firm specializing in British politics. As the first member of the data science team he explored a wide range of methods and implemented.
  • Bill graduated Florida State University prior to attending Liaoning Normal University studying Mandarin in Dalian, China. After returning Bill attended the Florida State University Political Science PhD program. His research focused on utilizing social media and machine learning to understand public opinion. He exited with an MS in quantitative political science to pursue private sector data science.